Psycho-Religious Causes of Some Incurable Diseases
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Psycho-Religious Causes of Some Incurable Diseases

Excerpts from A Report On Curing Some Incurable Diseases
By Imam El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani El-Hashimi

Psychology of a Believer

According to the Islamic system of value assessment and rationalization, every article of belief has either esoteric or exoteric rational explanation, which can be verified by using corresponding sense faculties and sciences. Whereas the Church Fathers of the Divinity of Man (Christianity) discourage every investigation into their belief system, similarly Paul wanted blind belief in the Divinity of Christ, Trinity, and Redemption.

If you ask any Christian "What is meant by belief in God Almighty?" he will not be able to give you any rational explanation. On the contrary, he will confuse you, and damage you psychologically. In regards to your faith he will encourage you to believe that in order to pay for the sins of Adam (who was tempted by Satan), Almighty Himself had come down in the shape of a human being and even crucify Himself. Any intelligent inquirer would respond to this theory by posing the question, "Why did not God Almighty crucify Satan, the main culprit in this plot?" However, Christians would rather submit to the theory that they have killed their god and now believe in the supremacy and power of Satan.

Try to imagine the type of mentality that is build upon such a belief: Masochism, suicide, Satanism. Christians have killed their god on the cross and hence no more law is to be followed, but love. For instance, if someone wants to love God, they can do so when He is already dead. But then they confuse the matter still more by introducing the fable of the Risen Christ, but have never produced a solitary witness to testify that he or she actually saw Christ ascending. As Thomas Pain wrote in his book, The Age of Reason, the alleged "evidence" in the Gospel is nothing short of contradiction; if one believes accounts of John, he must then refute the narrations of Luke.

Since the New Testament has contradictory evidence, how is it then possible to believe in the "Risen Christ?" One certain factor in the propagation of this nonsense is that the priests want poor, simple folk to believe in Jesus as the Son of God, whereas Jesus himself never proclaimed to be such. Rather, he proclaimed, "Hear ye, O’ Israel, The Lord God is ONE." Paul, the mastermind of fabrication stated otherwise.

The vicars of Christ, after having completely confused western man in the matter of belief, use this method to manipulate the people in such a way that the priests are accepted as gods who have the power to send people to Heaven, Hell, or atone their sins. More than this, these vicars of Christ want us to believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of Almighty God.

By having put their god on a crucifix as opposed to executing Satan, they not only have blasphemed against the Wisdom and Judgment of God Almighty, but reduced Him to a role of subservience to Satan. Similarly, by attributing the words of the Bible to God, they also attribute all their fallacies, inaccuracies, irrationalities, lies, and contradictions to Him!

Here again, I quote Thomas Pain, who employed the use of common sense to understand Christianity:

"The Bible and The Testament are impositions upon the world, that the fall of Man, the account of Jesus Christ as being the Son of God, and his dying to appease the Wrath of God, and of salvation by that strange means are all a fabulous invention dishonorable to the Wisdom and Power of Almighty."

He continued,

"By unaided reason, man could know that there is a God, that he has certain duties towards Him and his fellow man, and that the performance of these duties are made for his welfare in the present life and hereafter." (Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, p. 36)

In short, the priests have taken away the torch of reason from the West, and have plunged it into the darkness of ignorance and superstition. Therefore, all who have believed in what was propagated by the Church fathers developed a subnormal mentality, rigidity in behavior, fixidity of ideas, confused thinking, and a lack of faith in the Promise, Help, Reward, Punishment and Accountability of the Almighty. Since the Bible includes many narrations of suicides, masochism, rape, incest, lewdness, deceit, Satanism, and unfortunately all such and unfortunately all such acts have been attributed to many of the Holy Messengers, and to all of the believers.

Only one has to examine past history and find examples of crimes committed in the name of the one of the most benevolent of all men sent by Almighty, Jesus son of Mary. Therefore an irrational and fake belief molds a person’s character in a like manner, and causes irreparable psychological damage and mentally reduces the person to the level of beasts. As a matter of fact, all the pagan beliefs which are incorporated in the Christian Church are the main causes of many mental and physical diseases.

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